Installation Ceremony of NaMAHA

Installation Ceremony of NaMAHA

Dear all,

What an absolute fantastic finish to the International adolescent health week 2021, celebrated from 21 March to 27 March with today’s heart to heart session with parents and teachers of our adolescent community by two stalwarts of Adolescent medicine Dr. Swati Bhave and Dr. Kiran Vaswani. The topics covered today mainly focused on creating magical tunes with teenagers by understanding their ‘frequency’ and the art of parenting by *Dr. Vaswani ma’am and how to help them develop life skills and Resilience in today’s times of adversities especially with Covid 19 by Dr. Swati Bhave ma’am.

The session was fantastic with phenomenal response from the audience and gave us many pearls of wisdom as being role models for our kids and constant communication with them throughout this beautiful journey of theirs. The session was very interactive and kept the audience glued to their screens till the end.

Kudos to Team NaMAHA for all the tremendously organized activities the whole week and may the LAMP of NaMAHA keep burning bright always!


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