BEHAVIORAL ISSUES [24th December, 2023]

BEHAVIORAL ISSUES [24th December, 2023]

BabyCloud brings you another insightful Session!

Join Dr. Anuradha Sovani, a Trustee and consultant at the Indian Institute for psychological Health, Thane,
for a FREE webinar
on understanding and addressing common
Childhood Behavioral Issues!

🗓️ Date: 24th December 2023
Time: 10AM

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

The root causes of common behavioral challenges like tantrums, defiance, and anxiety.

Effective strategies to communicate with your child and build positive relationships.

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and practical tools from an expert!

link for registration ➡️: https://webinar.babycloud.in/657b01752c79fd7621569b87/register
Click here to register now!

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